Novel Emporium


The name which denotes trust, was founded in 1966 by Shree Prem Ratan ji Maru in Bikaner, Rajasthan, India and started as a small shop selling stamps in the name of M/s Madhu General Store and later named to Novel Emporium and it was registered on 20th Jan 1976, and continues to operate even today.


The concept and idea of creating Novel Emporium first struck me (Chairman, Shree Rajender Maru) a year ago, when most Indian collectors were involved in purchasing collectables from reputed and trusted international on-line platforms. It turns out that some of the collectables posted on such websites were fake; tooled; altered or labelled with wrong information. A similar experience was replicated with few more portals, with un-realistic prices being offered for such items. Under such circumstances, a Collector suffers as there is no opportunity to claim refunds; lack of any customer service by the portals and there is no expert to speak to, leading to a financial loss. Most of such on-line platforms have very talented IT and Marketing teams, however lack the expertise required in numismatics and philately to certify and authenticate the items uploaded on these portals.

I (Rajender Maru) have also gone through a similar experience as a buyer from a United States based on-line company with its own payment gateway and have lost a large sum of money. Learning from this, our organization, Marudhar Arts is taking the initiative and responsibility to change and provide a new and different experience to the Buyer.

Marudhar Arts will take the responsibility of checking and authenticating each and every listing through its in-house expert team. It will also review, verify and select only those vendors who have several years of experience and expertise in the area of numismatics, philately and notaphily and will ask the vendor to first ship to Marudhar Arts. The Marudhar Arts team will cross check each and every collectable and then ship to the Buyer. If any collectable is found to be fake or inconsistent with the referred listing, the sale will be cancelled and the vendor will be blocked.

Happy collecting, Happy buying with the trust shield of Marudhar Arts.