How we work at

  • Vendor registration on the portal

  • Vendor Approval after verification and background check

  • Vendor Lists Products/Collectibles, listed products are due for verification

  • Products verification by the expert team of Novel Emporium & Marudhar Arts

  • Products become available and made Live for purchase and appear on the portal

  • Buyer buys the product(s)

  • Vendor is notified, product(s) is shipped to "Our Verification Hub at Marudhar Arts"

  • The expert team of Novel Emporium & Marudhar Arts "Verifies the product physically & authenticates it"

  • If the product(s) is 100% Genuine & Authentic, it gets shipped to the Buyer

  • If the product is found not-genuine or with any discrepancies, then order is cancelled, buyer is refunded fully & product is returned to the seller

Have a Happy Collection with the Trust Shield of Novel Emporium, powered by Marudhar Arts!